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What’s the Best Way to Store Scrapbooking Dies?

Question by chumpy7969: What’s the best way to store scrapbooking dies?

I have about 110 dies of different sizes and shapes (different brands, etc.) and I am trying to find an easy and inexpensive way to store them. I don’t want to spend a small fortune on the cases for them all (I’d rather spend my money on more dies!) I was just curious how others are storing their materials. I know many store the smaller ones in baseball card pages, but I am curious if the pages hold up to the weight of the dies, and what do you do with the larger ones like the sizzix bigz and originals? Any ideas are appreciated. Thanks!

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Answer by drip

I got some good plastic school boxes for my thin die cuts. I got the better ones that snap close. Take some measurements with you when go shopping. For the long 12″ dies I got a great metal mesh container at Wal Mart. It is in the kitchen section. It’s use is for utensils. It is the perfect size for the long dies. Target has a fabric covered box that are the perfect size for them too. It has a lid that snaps close on it. It is in the area for closet organizers.

Sizzix has come out with new boxes for their dies.

It depends if you need storage for at home or to haul them around for crops.

The drawer in my desk is where I put my big Sizzix dies. My sister-in-law had wooden frames made to put on her wall to hold the bigger dies.

I think keeping your dies measurements with you is the key. When you come upon some good storage you will know if your dies will fit. Looking in the school supplies section of the store right now may come up with something for you

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